Ladies and Gentlemen: We have lift-off!

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I am, along with Dr. Mary-Lou Vetere, thrilled beyond measure to announce the launch of an Italian Summer of Discovery!    Operavision Academy – L’Accademia Millo-Vetere,  in association with the historic Centro Studi Italiani, the wonderful Giovanni Pasotto and his amazing family and staff are offering this chance to be the change we wish to encourage in all those that serve music as a performing artist. I am proud beyond measure to welcome to the OV Family, the truly legendary, Maestro, voice pedagogue and music scholar, bel canto’s mighty champion:  Richard Bonynge. To have a an Italian genius, iconic director of film and opera in Franco Zeffirelli giving us the beginning of each week in fabulous little spoken films that anoint the focus of the weeks work. Very rare and very appreciated. So many wonderful guests, and the honored presence of the amazing Simonetta Puccini. A personal favorite of mine for her brilliant mind, passion for the Arts and her devotion to her family and their legacy. Fantastic treasure of Italy she is.

A Three Week intense immersion into all things operatic, a feast for the hungry singing soul to find substance, to allow the Operavision Academy and the amazing people assembled this year to help artists across the age spectrum to SEE themselves differently. Nourish the artist inside  with information, tools to become free to risk, free to communicate, express. proper style and diction and the encouragement to be different, be individual, yet part of a great tradition. Be the canvas seen with the colors and the strokes of the master composer, as it is all in the text and the music. We have assembled a fabulous group of devoted music lovers who passionately believe in its power, how very much alive it is, and how that can be carried to the world in a message of renewed vigor and immense commitment through the artists we will meet.

As with everything in abundance, we offer the courses like “food for the soul”, and we are acutely aware of the crisis in funds for all those who serve the arts, so we are determined to offer, one, two or three week courses as an option.  Those participating in the entire “banquet” will of course see it all.   

Please go on this website to the information links and avail yourself of the many pleasures and opportunities to learn and inspire yourself to greater heights.      This is an incredible chance to be with us for our inaugural year. for all the information and applications and important updates.  

We are on  Facebook, Twitter and many more places as the roll out continues. In the next few days, a few little films, and constant updates as this has fantastically caught fire in Italy, and around the world, and people are stepping forward to help in any way they can…. it has been amazing.  A family of opera lovers imploring the artists to be the best they can be…….   See you in Urbania…….!


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