It’s still the same old story…..

The new decade begins.

2010 in a way was full of potential and maddening delay. SO MANY fabulous things, and correctly it was a time of planting the seed for a successful harvest.

Cannot wait to be in the shape I need to be. It is better but still a work in progress. Hard to be patient, but that is the only way to get to health and ultimately my future safely.

Of one thing I am certain my love for the opera and all it really means has not wavered. My energy to serve it is tripled and quadrupled. It is a different world of presentation, but the music remains the magic.

Operavision is going along swimmingly and is destined to become more than I ever thought if everything goes as I hope….. and it does look good.


Such a strange forward thinking projectile…..

January One, Twenty Eleven…… 1-1-11
I am told it is a powerful number of manifest….. 11 11

So I am closing my eyes and clicking my heels and with the power of this world and next, I am offering this prayer that God’s plan for me is a successful year full of service to music, transformation, a way to be of help to those who need it and a chance to make a difference…… AMEN.

A thought for all my friends and colleagues who crossed over….. into a world of oceans of light, the great Joan Sutherland and Shirley Verrett, Cesare Siepi, just to name a few giants…….

They shall be missed greatly.

I must admit, I am now officially tired of watching other people do what I should be doing…. if indeed it is MGM they want, MGM they will get. I shall become the change I wish for in my own journey.

Watching Italy turn it’s back on the Arts….that has been an electrifying horror to watch unfold….. the Arts are always the ones to suffer.

So I choose this lovely face of Yvonne De Carlo to signify my own distaste for this lack of vision on the part of so many who should be defending and protecting the Arts….

One needs a catalyst…. this will serve as one of mine and will push me towards the goals I have set.

Getting on the Merry Go Round that I love, feeling the air of the summit, the edge of the precipice which I find so tantalizing and seizing every opportunity….. going forward with all my beloved family, my friends and a sense of love and solidarity….

Happy New Year to all who visit to read and share the chronicle of my life. To all who love opera as I do, WELCOME and keep up the fight…. and remember the joy you feel when you are in it’s embrace…..
Divine before you are……

God bless…… and stay tuned…..

~ by aprilemillo on December 31, 2010.