A true Lady and a great voice.

No one who ever had the good fortune to meet her, hear her, or call her friend ever felt she didn’t give them everything she had.

Generous, open and from an honest and noble place. A true heart and intention. Blessed with a beautiful and expressive voice, and a magnificent face, she put her mark on many a mezzo soprano and soprano role. I was in awe of this lovely artist. Loved watching her sing and stay so in character and committed, she had charisma. I loved our chances to sing together, looked forward to them really. I learned so much watching her, and listening to the expression and phrasing which were always so wonderful and personal.

God bless you dear heart, He did already on Earth and now that you have crossed over, He is there to greet you, waiting with open arms…..

Feel the love. You let us feel it and know that love and hope every time you sang. It’s your turn now.

You will be greatly missed and long remembered.

This beautiful spiritual sums it up…. direct, gorgeous, simple; a great gift from God returned freely with an open heart in truth to God.

That is what it is all about.

~ by aprilemillo on November 5, 2010.

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