The Divine Muzio and images of Grand Opera

Periodically, I love to trot out pictures of singers from long ago, if only just to remember and daydream about what it must of been like. Puccini working with Jeritza directly, Mascagni and Cilea with Magda, Toscanini with a young Tebaldi. They all look so superbly dressed and that they care about the art, and their place in the world. As we fight for any attention today in a world where even our “servants” of the art call it “silly” and “dead” I post these like little flowers. We’d best stop calling this art form dead. It isn’t. We are arrogant to think we could ever be good/bad enough to kill it, but people will go to something that seems at least sustainable. If we don’t say it is, who will? I think it needs to adapt to these times, but not morph into something unrecognizable. I have said and will always say, Opera has nothing to apologize for. Enjoy this little window into another world, not really so far away. See how many you can name.

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~ by aprilemillo on October 22, 2010.