They know not what they do…..

Italy has always been a font of creation, beauty, design, fantasy, achievement and joy. Italy cannot abandon it’s art. It’s music. It’s people. It is in the blood. It is the left leg to the right leg of the country, it is the heart. It is in it’s very language, the melody of the Italian spoken word. It would be like England without Shakespeare, it is so interconnected.

My own beautiful but very young country has it’s own disaster of the Arts as well. Washington and the world of commerce turn away from the special and the unique unless it can carry a great sticker price at auction. Opera? It has to be cheapened and vulgarized, and bastardized to attract attention.

But if you told me that ITALY would lose faith and start bean counting when it came to protecting one of it’s most significant contributions to mankind, I would have laughed out loud.

I am NOT laughing now. The world has gone insane and now it is completely whacked. Italy closes theaters for the opera? Italy cancels performances because the government doesn’t want to give to the theaters and the unions enough to keep them going? Something has to save this……

They can not leave a world without the glory of Italian Opera seen in all it’s correctness. Every city has a gorgeous theater, a great history.

For what? Money?

That “destination”, that “fixation” with money that always transfixes and destroys men and women’s souls and in the end leaves them nothing, a void….. the evil that springs from the need of and/or the lack of.

If not for it’s ART and music, what then? More soccer? More cars? I love them and enjoy both like the next person, but Italy turning it’s back on it’s greatness and superior contributions to a special and scared world of discipline and beauty? This embarrassment is to be shouted from the highest rooftops.

An art that has survived until this very day, is to be abandoned by this age of “instant” everything? Mostly mediocrity ……

It is unconscious and not pardonable.

I am praying tonight that the culture that sprang from the sun drenched earth of Italy that transfigured a world through their composers, and artists, designers, glorious full throated men and women of the choruses, Ballet and orchestras and able men and women behind the scenes, I am “implorando Dio”….. that He will find new champions to protect the beauty and the divinity of it’s Arts, especially the opera.

To all who seek to defend her, sustain her, exult her, work for her and continue this priceless work and gift to the world, I stand with you…..

~ by aprilemillo on May 5, 2010.