It shall be said……

I look forward to my conversation with Mr. Gruber of the amazing Metropolitan Opera Guild and to all the marvelous thoughts and interactions of those that arrive to chat along with us.

The following day I am keenly interested in the defense of a dissertation for a PHD of a major “future” player in the Halls of Academia, and also of opera and music performance….. more on that later.

And then, and forever, the one and only Magda, who brought so much music and soul to my life and those who heard and adore her, but also who heard with her own ears the direct voices of the composers Zandonai, Cilea, Mascagni, and Giordano….. imagine.

SO thrilled to have this “direct link” honored in a day when seemingly, no one cares about opera traditions. Very exciting……

~ by aprilemillo on May 3, 2010.

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