Tebaldi: Celebrate in all our hearts, Happy Birthday!

Pop that cork dear, glorious Renata Tebaldi, all of the world is thinking of you always but especially on this wonderful day, February 1, the day of your arrival here on Earth.
The love affair continues, exhausted but happy, kneeling in humble but supreme happiness, in front of her family.

We are still sending flowers to you on this special day.
So many people called for her birthday always, and sent flowers, three days to a week and a hoarse diva at the end of the celebrations as she would speak to everyone who called.

Dear friend, in this age of “little flickers”, we remember the lush grandeur of your velvet voice, full of all things feminine, vulnerable yet strong, harmonics and gleams of sunshine delivered to an adoring public in a wall of complete dazzling sound and immense depth. You are remembered and loved on this day and always…… Brava Renata…… Viva per sempre, Te-bal-di….!!!!!

~ by aprilemillo on February 2, 2010.