Tebaldi in New York! Spectacular chance…..

“Profonda and Infinita!!”
A little animated Tebaldi wishes Christmas Greetings complete with puppy….and leads you to her superb web site and the amazing news that it looks like New York will get to show it’s love again for the great Tebaldi as the magnificent Tebaldi Exhibit, seen all over the world, finally comes to New York. If only to the hear her blessed voice singing a real Butterfly, “Vogliatemi bene!…” with Carlo Bergonzi…. go see for yourselves the happy, not to be missed news.

Spread the word where you can….. cut and paste these in your browser window….. and go!!!!

As of now, It has been moved to this date 18 or 19 of Settembre to 31 Ottobre 2010. The exhibit will be displayed at the Casa Italiana/ Italiano Institute of Culture on Park Avenue.
Riccardo Muti will speak about Renata and the exhibit at a press conference the 15 Marzo 2010 at the Institute of Italian Culture, among other things I imagine. Please keep checking back at the Tebaldi official web site for further updates on this thrilling news. Be ready to support this great event……”

and her website…..


Nella Repubblica, Italian newspaper…… click….


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