“Habe dank!”

A triumphant night if i may say so myself.

Some thoughts.

Loved the voice with different instruments. Mr. Harrell and Mr. Collins Lee and Merynda Adams and Miss Vetere, were all superb colleagues. My pianists were amazing as well, Lucy Arner and Danielle Orlando. Loved the duets with fabulous tenor, Michael Fabiano and the fabulous Luis Ledesma, baritone.

The dancers were so beautiful, so elegant and wonderfully choreographed by “So you think you can dance” star choreographer, Melanie LePatin, with stunning Iveta and Gherman am Russ and Katushka.

I especially loved the audience singing along with the tribute to Luciano, it is something to hear almost everyone singing along, some with great gusto, to “O sole mio” He would have loved it.

Wish it had been taped. If only just to show people how much fun you can have at a recital. Especially mine. More coming on a possible repeating of the New York recital with same program only more opera coming soon. Early Fall, and that will be taped.

The gentleman who was returning to his seat fell in a faint, and hit his head, was “out” for a bit so I understand. He wrote to me kindly on Facebook to tell me he loved what he saw of the concert and was happily just fine…. dehydrated. Glad he is back in good form.

Do wish I hadn’t been so dry because much of what I marked for second half I have sung recently and wanted to sing. All designed to show the voice in various styles and flexibility has not ever been a problem for me. Cannot wait to show that it still isn’t, although the voice is larger. The idea to put a large selection down and then pick from among was my effort to be aware of the emotion of the night and what that may or may not make possible and I had seen it done smartly and so right in the program of Maria Callas and Giuseppe Di Stefano when they appeared in Los Angeles at the Shrine, and wanted the same freedom of choice according to their emotions….

The diet meds are very drying and that is what I will have to endure till I arrive at maximum success weight loss. I was thrilled by the number of people and the amazing audience…. the great friends who played so beautifully with me, and the emotional feeling of the night. Yes, I wanted a costume for the first half and got it, superbly made by Broadway genius Eric Winterling and the wig, no sprays allowed when I sing, was from the legend of wigs for movies and Broadway and the West End in London, the one and only Paul Huntley….. it was and is a desire to emulate the “Jenny Lind” performances, romantic period of ballroom dresses used for great performances and recitals of the past. I do not like leather jackets and open shirts and no tuxedos or formal wear for recitals, sorry. Never got to wear the second half gown which was simpler, but mind you, still grand and beautifully done.

My, what a terrific and encouraging night.

No need to eat it, it just looks so pretty, I left it to other people, but how very thoughtful….. 25 years……

Beauty of a theater with a thorough and excellent staff, thanks to them. Almost midnight, “mezzanotte”…… tired and very happy…….”Habe dank!!!”

~ by aprilemillo on November 22, 2009.

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