God’s and Goddesses

Callas and Onassis look

Backstage a young Callas glances at her evolving self…..love this foto. But I wonder who is the foto on the table in front? Looks like Tebaldi or Simoniato? Why?
Young Callas keeping an eye on herself

The eyes and voice of this man slay me. How friendly and handsome he is.


A true Verdi baritone, one of the absolute rarest. Here vivid and authentic in Verdi’s Macbeth.
the hypnotic Bruson in Macbeth
The youngest shot I have ever seen of this giant. Mario Del Monaco- Here at his first Tosca I believe in Parma.
Del Monaco Parma 1940 Tosca
The perfect Gerard. Ettore Bastianini.
bastianini in chenier
The chocolate deep voice of bass Cesare Siepi here elegant and athletic in Don Giovanni.
siepi as don giovanni
George London supremely expressive Boris.
george london in Boris
Boris Christoff pensive and so real it seems as the King of Spain in Don Carlo.


Anita Cerquetti as Norma.
Renata Scotto IS butterfly.
scotto IS butterfly
The one and only Ebe Stignani.
ebe stignani

and finally two new fotos of the gorgeous towering voice of Renata Tebaldi….. very Hollywoodiana in the first early still, and later fully evolved and fabulous as well, in floating Goddess style.

tebaldi hollywood

tebaldi in motion

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