What a fabulous memory.

This man was a great Mascagni scholar, wrote several important books and was a really very fine conductor.

I did my first Don Carlo with him. His patience and his real understanding of what I was made it all possible for me. I trusted no one until Jimmy sent me to him, ONE person to work with, not the hundred I was confused and frustrated by. Today they send kids in these programs to so many new minds in music, who is really teaching whom?. I wanted someone who KNEW. Not young people just like me using me as a guinea pig for their “ideas” or their total understanding of scores they knew nothing about. Very few really understood the old school. “You can’t do that, to many liberties, only a star can do that maybe!” and I thought “I will never become one unless I do have some imagination.” Together with Rita Patane’, these two brought about voice that brought me to the attention of the world.

I loved this man, he was hard, and difficult to get close to. But when he had your best interests at heart, and especially his love and respect of music and his complete dedication and devotion of James Levine, you could have no one better. He taught me so many roles. I will never know how to say thank you enough. I miss him. The chorus that sings passionately for him, as the camera pans their faces, made me weep. These people had sung with Milanov, and Corelli and ALL the old school. So many friends, no longer there of course, but also no longer with us at all. I salute you dear friends, and remember the countless nights you inspired those in “front” to deliver the goods because YOU did.

David, from my heart, I salute you most of all.

~ by aprilemillo on February 28, 2009.

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