To you, and you, and you…..


My sincere warmest wishes go out to all of you, the weary travelers on life’s stage, for a safe and happy Holiday Season.

May you be cloaked in a feeling of health and contentment, surrounded by the most precious gift of them all, family. For all those with loved ones far away, protecting all of us, may you feel our gratitude and may you see your loved ones home safe and sound the soonest day honorably possible. It has been a crazy year, but in all the chaos, there is a chance to grab victory. Greed has shown an ugly face, a face more devastating in it’s singular selfishness than ever imagined. Times ahead will be rough but in it’s voyage we may see a better defined America, more in keeping with her true ideals, and we may pull together for the first time in a long time. That could be very interesting.

Keep your loved ones close, send a prayer to the Heavens for the grand friends and family who have crossed over, and have yourself a VERY Merry Christmas and may God hold you close in the palm of His hand.

Don’t forget to leave the window open a little, so Santa can get in!

and this arrived from a great long time fan! Thanks!!!!


~ by aprilemillo on December 24, 2008.

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