Puccini Gala? Never said yes.

I see my name is still advertised, and it looks like a lovely programme, but really shouldn’t someone have asked me already?

I thought I would be in Brasil for the Tosca which is now rescheduled to May, which will be splendid. I am to receive the Claudia Muzio award from the ABAU, a legendary circle of fans and artists formed by Bidu Sayao, and now headed by my great friend Fernando Bicudo. It should be amazing and very much an honor.

I am sorry to say I never said I was free for this, and I am amazed to still see my name in the advertisement, sorry also to disappoint those who may be going to hear me. There is no cancelation, I did not withdraw.

Oh well.


UPDATE: Hardly imagining the “chaos” that would ensue, a flurry of activity happened after I posted this on Dec. 15. To be very clear, NO ONE approached or confirmed my participation in this Gala prior to using my name in advertisements that began earlier this year and to the best of my knowledge we had no formal contact at all, until a sheepish e-mail in response to my agents asking what this is all about and a frantic end game discussion about repertoire in an effort to help. These are very difficult times for musical entities large and small, I wish Mr. Capasso and DiCapo nothing but the best. On this occasion I am sure the desire to do something wonderful was the core idea and it was a great idea to honor Puccini on his 150 anniversary. My hope is they will avail themselves of people in the future to handle the tedious details that a show that wonderful would entail.

~ by aprilemillo on December 15, 2008.

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