The art of listening

Isola Jones was always fascinating to me, terrific presence on stage and a great friend. She worked diligently always to improve herself, and in this scene with such exalted colleagues she holds her formidable own. The reactions to Luciano’s sensuous and gorgeous sounding Duke are like Marlene Dietrich. She is sexy obviously, yes, but the reactions to what he is saying and insinuating is the stuff of legend. Fabulous clips here of a great opera with four fabulous characters.

Del Monaco is a force of nature…..but listen to the majesty of the chorus and how they are so full throated and together. Exactly Verdian is an understatement…….

The always incredible voice of Joan Sutherland. Here so simply pure and limpid circa 1961. Love her.

~ by aprilemillo on November 6, 2008.

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