History, great and grave, watched and held it’s breath. A champion of Civil Rights fell short in her bid to fight for the Nation’s good and equality for all herself, for universal Health Care herself, giving up an historic bid of her own, to be the first woman to be elected President. She was the first woman to win a primary, 23 in all, the last four by double digits, had received 18 million votes…In the historic roll call, her name was entered to be nominated as President.

Like a true momma, she made sure all the “children” were heard, and that their votes meant something, that they were not invisible….she hadn’t lost by that much either, tantalizing close…
and then:

at 6:48, New Mexico ceded to Illinois and Illinois ceded to New York, in dramatic fashion, the ways parted and the New York contingent arrived. Surrounded by C. Rangel, and Sheldon Silver, the new Govenor David Paterson, and the stalwart Senior Senator, Chuck Schummer, Hillary Clinton, with all the grace of a true lady, called for true party unity, suspending the roll call, calling for a unanimous vote of acclamation…and in so doing, cleared the way to nominate the first African American man for President.

A chill went up and down my spine. Wow.

45 years since the atrocities of people treated like this trying to protest peacefully,

45 years ago the great voice of Marian Anderson sang at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial in preparation for the speech that would prove immortal of Martin Luther King. His thoughts ignited in a speech a fire he did not live to see become a bonfire that burns bright today, and now, even brighter because of this great milstone.

All though I was a fervent Hillary Clinton supporter, there is something truly magical and wonderful about this. Just and fair, it actually made many reporters cry and men and women in the convention dance with a joy that was a long time coming.

Thinking back, the bad taste only remains for the media. The lambasting of what I think is a great couple. The blatant sexism of their coverage of this historic bid by a woman.

These two people- despite what the press would love you to think- never quit on the American people.

They fought side by side with all the great civil rights leaders and it is only fitting that Hillary would be a part of this historic moment.

God bless her and her fabulous husband, and little Chelsea now grown into a poised and amazing young woman. The anticipation of what they would say, and would they say it- made for great drama and makes this even more well watched than it would have been….. and they are so smart. They know how to keep your interest, as they both gave GLOWING, magnificent, selfless speeches in support of Mr. Obama. The ball so to speak is now in Mr. Obama’s court.

As all of history watches, I hope for the best. God bless this country, it’s living what it preaches and for being so young and ready to grow, full of Hope and Dreams.

Can you believe it?

Mine eyes have seen the glory……

They are too young to just fade away. Can’t wait to see the next chapter unfold for these two fascinating people. I bet it won’t be dull!!!!!

~ by aprilemillo on August 28, 2008.

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