A Glimpse of Centuries: Beijing Olympics

“The thrill of victory! The agony of defeat!” I have been hopelessly hooked on the Olympics since I was a little wee person watching the fabulous reportage of ABC uber journalist, Jim McKay, with his unique voice and way of saying things, as he would bring into our living rooms the Games Of the Olympics. I will miss him this year.

This one is so important. The thawing of a giant country for long time closed and severe, boasting 1.3 billion people, a 5th of humanity. They prove a fascinating mix, one that I hope opens more and more to people eager to know them, and to engage in debates to expand their already very advanced sensibilities. It can only bring the world closer.

I pray.

Watching the opening tonight, I was completely awed by the grandezza of it all. The sheer numbers are staggering. 2,008 performers for the opening living LCD effect with the distinct drums hit in eerie precision. I was hypnotized, and loving there love of the grand and the authentic.

The fashion and attention to detail. The women’s head dresses and ornate dress, centuries old and here so dynamic and riveting in effect. Everything showed a desire to please and enchant the world.
The fantasia of color.

Also so many of my friends are there holding the banner for opera high. The public in China is a salvation to the Classical Music World. They are becoming more and more exposed to the gorgeous music and are completely won over by the grand and beautiful in opera. Don’t think we will be seeing jeeps on the Nile in AIDA anytime soon. They actually LIKE the opera done as written. No jaded public there. Renee Fleming and my Siberian brother, Dima Hvorostofsky, Marcello Giordani and some of the best in the world are there and it is thrilling. They love opera there.

What a fabulous start. May it be just that, a start in the awakening of giant, full of possibility and mutual understanding and learning from each other only the best that man and woman kind can offer.

Let the Games begin!!!! 8-8-08, eight being a lucky number in China. Lucky day indeed!

~ by aprilemillo on August 9, 2008.

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