Real Scarpia…..almost HD

Fascinated me this little clip, Gobbi gets INTO Scarpia, and the other way around.

Scarpia, before we get him dressed as a Nazi in some genius new take, or some other such thing, was and is a fabulous villian from a time in aristocratic Roma that was filled with important “little men” into intrigue and sadism and a wanton lust barely bridled… powerful men OVERTLY richly dressed.

To hide the poverty of soul, they distracted with rich fabric and lace. He is amazing here, and a remembrance of opera when the people knew about the times the composer wrote in, what was directly asked of by the composer and humbly did as asked. Understood the word, the inflection of a real Italian phrase. Listen and learn, and of course marvel at this great artist.

~ by aprilemillo on July 19, 2008.

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