Random thoughts

Start of the week, accessing the last few months. Mind wanders over so many things.

This family is so amazing. Could they be any more interesting and wonderful.

Such a fascinating and truly interesting person. I want this outfit.

The Russians apologize to the little dog, “Laika” in Bronze. Sent into space with no hope of coming back, the first and most accurate view of man’s appalling me first attitude towards our animal kingdom friends.

What makes advances for us worthy of their agony? Rabbits and monkeys’ and mice in lab studies submitted to a LIFETIME of agony. How we treat our livestock, curious word isn’t it? LIVE stock.

Laika, dear heart, at least remembered.

Seems like yesterday that Luciano was doing what he did best. The world of opera is so much less without him.

And finally, my very favorite dashing, Antonio Sabato, Jr. returns to ABC’s GH in the nighttime soap opera “Nightshift” on Soapnet.

He was the fuel for so many childhood dreams of mine, of that fabulous knight in shining armor coming to sweep you off your feet.. Dashing is putting it mildly.

~ by aprilemillo on June 23, 2008.

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