Into every life, a little rain must fall. A “scream” of consciousness.

    I for one, LOVE rain.

    Never minded it. Always a liberation. Renewal.

    Warm inside, a blessing.

    Warmth around, good friends, great inspiration, serving God and music.

    Divinity you can hold in your hands as a soul unfolds itself in the pages of music in front of you.

    Reading and greeting friends and…… study. creation. offering.

    Recalling conversations with the friends of yore, that seem closer in the steady pattern of the falling rain.

    Delighting in the faces of the new friends, and expanding your horizons while exploring theirs.

  • World intrudes
  • The chatter of the useless and the vain, the idiot and the wise, the know all and the must learn, the one to bury with praise, then finally just to bury; build ’em up, tear ’em down…..LIFE.


    Good Morning?

    The world in IPOD separation.

    Plastic? I want glass.

    Jealousy…..true talent, true love, magic…… can’t own them? Then destroy them, never did it but write about it wrongly, say what you will, will what you say…. “I’ll get you my little pretty and your little….”


People change, places come and go but motives remain the same.

Fear, greed, hate, seething anger, unquenchable thirst, (pitter pat, pitter pat)

The desire to help, to destroy, to breathe a better world, to deflate, fool, insult, (pitter pat, pitter pat)

Exult, tame, conceive, revenge, awe, clench, revive. Chiari unable to exist without the scuri……Start all over again.

Raw emotion.

The unending comings and goings in the “grand hotel”…..

………love it.


~ by aprilemillo on March 9, 2008.

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