Resolutions and Resolve

Call me Rip Van if you like.  Feel like I have been asleep for a while.  A pleasant, cheery, comfortable sleep.  Something deceptive and seductive, like the sirens of legends of old, kept me in a slumber. Well, the barnacles are coming off the old girl.  At 49 heading into my 50’s, I am renewed.  Imagine that??   This large suit I have lived inside will be gone- one less place to hide.  Something wonderful is coming and for the first time,  in a long time,  things will be as I want it.  And I must be ready.  I am giddy.  When I can,  I giggle. But, enough of that, more to come, soon and in much more vivid and wonderful detail.   For now, the resolve is to be healthy, and of service full time to music, once more.                 Fight the good battle. hitme.gif                                                                                          it’s going to be wonderful!  Happy New Year’s !!!!!m45_spitzerr720.jpg 


~ by aprilemillo on December 30, 2007.

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