Verdi film Divine Harmonies:Gigli

Gigli sings a gorgeous “Parigi o Cara…” from Verdi’s Traviata in an hilarious but profound clip of the early disaster to befall Verdi’s great masterpiece and the “blogger” intellect discussing in the antichambers about how he is “awful”, a “consumptive played by a woman as round as a melon”  another brainiac observes that “Verdi is finished……never any good”. Flash forward to the Traviata of a few months later and the same group, “Divina”  “A genius” “I always said he was a genius!”  Fickle and full of self.  Makes me laugh how it continues to this day about opera and it’s servants. Laughs.These two clips are of the blessed voice of Gigli in Traviata and in snippets of the finale of AIDA. “O terra addio” and the “esultate!!!” of Otello.  Verdi triumphs over all.  

~ by aprilemillo on December 5, 2007.