Really quite dashing…..early Cura

I have sung with many a fine looking tenor and baritone.

Of the current stars, Mr. Giordani is a fabulous tall Italian with gleaming high notes. He is so very wonderful.

My Russian “brother” who I adore as a grand friend with a great and beautiful voice, Dmitri Hvorostofsky, is quite smoldering and downright sexy. All of what I say is with total respect and glee.

All of these lovely men are married with lovely wives of whom I am proud to number among my friends….but really,……. coming across this photo the other day……

My old friend Jose’ Cura, one I knew from his first steps in the world of opera.

I met him wearing overalls, no shirt- and singing “Don Carlo” at the gigantic Arena di Verona. Flash forward, still very young and having just made a splash, we did a Forza del Destino in Torino.

This is a splendid photo of him and needless to say he is quite formidable.

If he came to get you late at night against your father’s wishes, asking you to run away with him….. would you go?


~ by aprilemillo on September 3, 2007.

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