“La Scotto….stupenda ! “


“ La Scottto…..stupenda!” Tuesday aug.15,2006 a short story of praise by Angela Deverger
I decided that Renata Scotto is the artist who I am choosing to write about.  I was in college when I got my first copy of ‘Madama Butterfly.’  It was cassette tapes. The artists were Renata Scotto and Placido Domingo.  I was about 19 when I bought them.  I had sing in the opera chorus for an upcoming production with the Baton Rouge Opera.  I was just intending to listen to chorus parts to learn the damn thing.  I listened to Butterfly’s entrance and was transported.
I loved this soprano’s voice so much I was beside myself.  I listened to the entire opera.  I only read the synopsis and I had no idea what all the words meant but I did still cry quite a lot.  Now I know that I cried during the second act mostly.  I learned who Renata Scotto is and I bought everything that I could just to hear her voice.
I became a member of the Met Opera chorus in 1996 and one day there she was.  Renata Scotto was walking in the cafeteria.  I nearly fainted.  My first words to her were, “I woke up with you in my ears this morning.”  She laughed and I started singing what I had been listening to. ‘Non ti scordar ti me’-“Le Villi”-Puccini.  She sang right along with me.
I told her that I had to have some voice lessons with her.  She gave me her phone numbers then and there.  We have had a wonderful and lasting relationship since then.  I have gone to her academy in Rome even.  She is one of the great influences in my life.  She has a voice like an angel and she has a heart to match.
You are a Beautiful voice and soul,  soprano Angela Deverger, and a wonderful friend. La Scotto is truly stupendous.


The fabulous foursome: Renata Scotto, Flaviano Labo, Piero Cappuccilli e Ruggero Raimondi in Faust (Genova)

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